NAMI 0127A Truck - Mudrunner

NAMI 0127A Truck - Mudrunner


NAMI-0127A truck (A – arch tires)

NAMI-0127P truck (П – pneumatic rollers)

As an experiment, they were assembled from units of various trucks already mastered by industry in 1968. Cabin from Zil 130, Ural-375D balancing trolleys, YaMZ-238 (KrAZ) engine, steering of the articulated articulated frame MoAZ-529, YaMZ-236 gearbox, modified KrAZ-257 and Ural-375 parts and so on. Trucks are assembled in approximately the same way as its real version.

NAMI-0127A 9 of its and 8 default add-ons

NAMI-0127P 11 of its and 8 default add-ons

P.S. My last work, I post what is at the moment, there will be no improvements, thanks to everyone who appreciated my work, all the best so far.

Version 15.12.2019 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):

Update at the request of the players:

The second truck NAMI-0127P was added (P – pneumatic rollers)

NAMI-0127P can transport cargo – pipe for 8 points Tread tracks added to the wheels

New addons:

_Nami_Protection_Engine – engine side protection

_Nami_body_kit – additional repairs and fuel

_Nami_Repair_Crane – crane for pulling stuck equipment and repair

_Nami_Pipe_carrier – platform for transporting the pipe (put only on NAMI-0127P)

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